How to Fix "No Mountable File System" Error in Mac OS X



in Mac OS X, DMG (Disk Mounted Graphics) files are shared as a real disk. You can mount the image file as a normal hard disk volume. This format allows you to compress files, as well as provide password protection, and thus serves the file distribution and security features. You can simply create a DMG file using Disk Utility in Mac OS X 10.3 and later versions. You can easily access data from a DMG file after their assembly. However, in some cases, these files can not be mounted and you can not access data from them. At this time, May you lose your valuable data and requires Mac Data Recovery download lost information.

In a practical scenario, when you try to mount the dmg file to disk using the Finder to access data from a file, you may encounter the below given error message:

"No mountable file system"

After this error message, the file becomes unavailable, along with all of your data. To access data from a file, you need to know the cause of this problem and perform Data Recovery Mac by sorting.

Mount-This is the process of designing computer files ready for use. After installing the drive, or DMG file, it's content can be accessed.

Finder Mac OS X application that manages user files, network volumes, drives, and run applications.


When you try to mount a DMG file, the operating system does not make the file system in a suitable format for editing slike.Datote─Źni system or damage or missing. For this reason, the DMG file may become unusable, and the face of severe data loss situations.




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