Why You Should Not Use Homemade Penis Extenders

Many people are desperate to do anything to get a bigger penis. We all know the great variety of products available to help men increase the size of its members. However, some of them are expensive and not everyone can have access to them. One product that is getting more attention today is the penis extender. The fact that they are popular in combination with high prices and the need for some unfortunate boys is an explosive mixture which has led to some believing that they were able to build their local member of the lengthening of the invention. All you need to do is stay away from those crazy ideas for your own gadget. You must know that the gadgets that are available for purchase gone through strict controls and a lot of different tests that could be trgovinama.Razlog is because the industry is actually trying to provide customers with high quality gadgets that do not harm their penis.

If you are planning to make your own gadget, remember that it can be a cost to your pocket, but in the long run your member will be severely damaged to the point where nothing will improve your condition. Some of the consequences of your "great invention" as:

- contusions and lesions: There have been cases where some people had to run to the hospital after trying their homemade invention, because the experience or contusion or laceration or oboje.Problem is that you are looking for an inexpensive gadget will end up using low quality materials and will not build it the right way. These injuries are really painful and will take until it healed. Of course, you will not be able to have sex during the healing process.

- Serious injury to connective tissue and / or nerves: I can not remember the case of a man who was trying his hand-held gadget that run to the doctor because his member was turning plavkasto.Problem was that there was no circulation of blood and the penis are get vital fluids should work ispravno.Gadget you can build at home will help you increase the length or width of your member, but the damage was in a way that may not be able to reverse.

- If you want to avoid any of these injuries and damage to your member, you should remember that the best option is to stay away from them. If you need to increase the size of its members is a good alternative to high quality gadget that has been tested.

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