The Latest Yacht Gadgets

So, you have a new yacht. Congratulations!

Now what you will do after this new toy? Why are several new toys, of course!

We found some cool gadgets you might want to get to your yachting experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

1 Laptop screen shade. If there's one thing that can destroy marine Internet-surfing experience, it is a reflection. It is not much fun if you stay in the house that they could see what was on the screen will rańćunala.Sama sailing is that you get as much outside the sun and the sea breeze as possible.

That would be a reflection of your computer screen, slip it in the shadow of a laptop screen. It slides on and off easily, folds for easy storage and fits standard laptop and notebook screen sizes, namely, 13 -, 14 -, 15 -. And 17-inch

2 Sport-a-Seat. Not enough room in your yachts for all your guests? Sports Wear-a-Seat together and give everyone a comfortable place to rest on its bottom.

This light and portable seat has an adjustable backrest that can be placed in six different places, from upright to full tilt support. He concludes flat, so it does not take up much storage space inside your yacht.

comes in eight designer colors - black, brown toast, dark red, Persian green, forest green, charcoal gray, Pacific blue, and navy blue. One of them will surely fit the motif yachts.

It's waterproof too. Its marine-grade Sunbrella fabric cover repels water and dries quickly. You can sit on it while wearing a wet bathing suit and water droplets will simply odvaliti.Materijal resistant to mold and has UV protection.

And if you fall into the water? It will float, so you can easily retrieve.

3 Waterbuoy. Speaking of falling into the water, it is not usually big things that cause the greatest problems, because often, the big sink slower and easier to find. But what if, for example, your yacht keys falling into the sea?

This could be a little problem -. If you have attached to it Waterbuoy

Waterbuoy a keychain-like device that contains harsh orange balloon that inflates if the device falls into the water. While the balloon is more than enough to show you where the keys were in broad daylight, you might need a little more help in the night, so Waterbuoy also flashing LED lights that are also activated by water.

This gadget can hold up to 1 kg, so it is perfectly capable of floating and even a set of 12 metal keys - or even a cell phone


4 Safety Turtle alarm system. When you are in the charter, can never really run out of things that could fall into the sea. It's one thing to lose your keys in the water, that's another thing to lose a dog - or your child

The Turtle alarm security system, you will hear the sound of the moment piercing device gets submerged in water, and he continues to sound the alarm until it reset.

This is an easy-to-attach the collar or bracelet for your child or dog, respectively. However, it is easily fixed, it is not easy for your child to remove. Connects securely and can be released with a key. (This is another key you might want to attach to Waterbuoy.)

unit is ruggedly designed to withstand your child or pet's normal operation. People who have boats, but they have pools at home May want to attach one of them for their children, as well.

Talking about water safety, remember that it's not just your yacht that you need to keep passengers safe. You must protect your yacht, as well. To do this, there is nothing more efficient than getting good. Find a broker today and ensure that your boat provides a much-deserved relaxation and pleasure for a long, long time.

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