Shopping at Harrods - London, UK

Harrods is the largest and leading the historic department store in London. Situated in the Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, the store invites people from around the world. She works with the Latin motto "Omnia, Omnia and ubique" ("Everything for everyone, everywhere"), offering customers high quality goods and services



The name 'Harrods' comes after founder Charles Henry Harrod who developed a small shop at the exclusive department store 20th century. Harrods was originally set up as a small shop in 1824. Later he developed a large trade in Stepney in 1834. With good returns over the years, Harrod opened a new store in Knightbridge in a single room housing three employees. Harrod's son Charles Digby Harrod developed the business by opening retail operation selling medicines, perfumes, accessories, fruits and vegetables. Sales increased and the number of employees increased to 100 in 1980. But bad luck Harrod dream shattered in 1883 when the entire store was burned to the ground. But Harrod's to the challenge and designed a shop in the same country with extended operacija.Trgovine expanded at a rapid pace in 1889, stocks have been opened in the stock market. In 1985, Fayed brothers bought the store and the store today is a leading department store in the UK with millions of customers.

exclusive shopping opportunities

Harrods is a multi-floored buildings covering more than twenty three acres of shopping pace and deals with 330 stations with 5000 + staff. Each floor has a collection of a particular category in the exotic range. Fashion accessories, menswear, accessories, food hall, cafes and restaurants occupy the ground and lower ground floor. Floor 1 is exclusively for ladies shoes and accessories. Household appliances and household items that are available in the second floors and 3. Floor 4 has a mode structure and toys for children. Sports fans can take up to Floor 5 with all sports gadgets, sports apparel and footwear. You can enjoy the different flavors of coffee, tea, pastries, meats ... in cafes and restaurants found in all floors.

You can spend several hours in Harrods. It is not only the content ... This experience is in someone's life. Besides being a one-stop-shop, Harrods also serves as banks, real estate services, aircraft manufacturer and air travel usluga.Posjet store gives you the feeling that went something larger than life.

Harrods shopping is great! Do not miss it!

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